Former Police Captain and Current OWS Protester Ray Lewis Arrested


aeum5c1ciaeyiog Former Police Captain and Current OWS Protester Ray Lewis Arrested
Captain Ray Lewis arrested (Photo via @AdamGabbatt)

Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewiswhom we profiled yesterday after a video emerged of him giving a speech down on Occupy Wall Street– has been arrested, according the an official OWS press release.

From an email we received from OWS, titled “Thousands Occupy Wall Street; All Entry Points to NYSE Blockaded” (Emphasis their’s):

At least 200 people have been arrested so far for peaceful assembly and nonviolent civil disobedience, including retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis. “All the cops are just workers for the one percent, and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited,” Mr. Lewis said. “As soon as I’m let out of jail, I’ll be right back here and they’ll have to arrest me again.”

A NYPD spokesperson was unable  to confirm individual arrests, they did comment that “multiple arrests have been made in relation to the protests” and the charges were still pending.

Fox29 in Chicago was able to confirm the arrest, which happened earlier in the morning. A photo emerged on Twitter, via user @AdamGabbatt, showing Mr. Lewis in dress uniform, arguing with an officer. The New York Observer‘s Emily Witt saw him taken into custody on Nassau and Pine just after 9:00 a.m.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This man just became my new HERO!

  2. NA Smith says:

    Look at this, how quick they are to trow anyone in jail who tells the truth

  3. Erthwjim says:

    The one thing lacking in all this, why did he get arrested? That might actually put the story in perspective instead of making him seem like a martyr. Perhaps impersonating a police officer since he’s retired, or maybe a myriad of other possible reasons.  He’s not a cop anymore, so he was arrested as a civilian.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Misuse would be illegal, but as I understand it, wearing the uniform once you’ve retired isn’t in of itself “impersonating an officer.”

      And yes, he was arrested as a civilian, for nonviolently protesting, just like the majority of people being arrested.

      You are aware that what the police have been doing in Zuccotti Park is illegal, right?

      1. Erthwjim says:

        Can you tell me which laws they’re breaking? Because last I checked even though it’s property available for public use it’s still private property.

      2. Anonymous says:

         Which applies only when they actually take action in the park’s private property itself.

        Are you seriously asking me what laws they’re breaking? Are you that ignorant to what’s been going on? Are you going to tell me that corralling people onto a particular block of public sidewalk, including pedestrians who don’t necessarily want to go down that sidewalk, then refusing to let them out and trapping them, and then indiscriminately pepper spraying people in the face, dragging them by their hair, deliberately ripping off their pants  and putting boots to their heads is justified?

        What the heck is this? Cuba? Iraq?

      3. Rob Shannon says:

        In Cuba or Iraq you wouldn’t have your pants ripped off, you would be DEAD.  God Bless America.

      4. Anonymous says:

        If “God” had blessed America, clearly we wouldn’t be so heavily knackered.

    2. Anonymous says:

      You are sad, wanting to jump to the worst conclusion.    A retired cop can wear his dress uniform whenever he wants.  Ever watched a remembrance parade, those retired cops must all have been impersonating? Haha maybe if they stopped and asked for your ID and tried to arrest you. Wake up! He got arrested for sitting in the street, it’s called non-violent civil disobedience, remember when you read about Martin Luther King and Ghandi growing up in school?  You thought they were wrong for challenging the authority didn’t you.  The people in power and the guys on the beat, they’re always right. Life’s just easier when viewed through fog coated glasses.

  4. soothsayer says:

    saw him on nov 16 waiting to get into the park.

  5. Xseanxdccox says:

    Whoever sympathizes with corrupt power is the enemy or extremely blind and ignorant. “Freedom” is how you perceive it.