Founder of Second Life Follows Zaarly and TaskRabbit Into the Errand-Outsourcing Market

second life Founder of Second Life Follows Zaarly and TaskRabbit Into the Errand Outsourcing Market

What up, gurl? Welcome to 2006.

You guys remember SecondLife, right? The virtual world that was going to revolutionize education, branding, and human interaction? The one whose economy, based on the Linden Dollar, rivaled some tiny European country’s GDP?

Not sure whether anyone’s avatar is still living (or learning) there, but founder Philip Rosedale has moved on, with an eye to IRL.

As AllThingsD reports, his new startup, Coffee & Power, is an online market that lets users buy and sell small tasks. If that Craigslist-like model, with an emphasis on swapping skills or unloading chores sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very similar to the services offered by Zaarly, TaskRabbit, and SkillSlate. According to AllThingsD:

The site first went live in April, but is relaunching today. In that time, Rosedale said that 2,000 people have used it, completing 700 so-called “missions” — which are transactions — for a total of $10,000. The average value has been $15.

Some of the missions include offering to shop at Trader Joe’s for $25, or asking if someone could turn a suit into a zombie costume. Rosedale’s son will bake you brownies or teach you card tricks.

In Coffee & Power’s case, however, there’s also a company-owned coffee shop in San Francisco where members can meet up to trade items or drink for free. But not to worry, Mr. Rosedale hasn’t gone crazy with this real life business. Like SecondLife, transactions are made in virtual currency to encourage spending on items in the community. That way, you can spend the $10 Betabeat is willing to pay for Dentyne delivery on some of those homemade Rosedale brownies.