Fox 5 Shocked By Dirty Mouths of Occupiers; Might Have a Problem Down on Wall Street (Video)

Antwan Lewis has a bad day

Antwan Lewis has been covering the Occupation protests for Fox 5 since, well, Tuesday morning. Yet in that short amount of time he’s managed to get his program hijacked by Joey Boots, rile up a crowd of angry anti-anti protesters, and have a person say “shithead” on live today. All in a day’s work!

Man, those anti-anti-protesters? Just what the bedlam on Wall Street needs right now. And we’re sorry…these guys could get to Duane Reade to pick up some poster supplies but can’t get into their office?

We especially like at the end there, when the anchors realize that the presence of a cameraman and a Fox News truck might be doing more harm than good at the protest. Also: they don’t like it when protesters use naughty words. Please keep your protests PG-rated!