Friday: Best Friends Forever

Last year, your husband got you a chenille scarf for Christmas, and, after a marriage-rocking argument it was decided that you would choose your own gift this year. Naturally, you’re looking for diamonds. But, feeling a tad guilty about the self-indulgent endowment, you’re looking for a deal. We called Tiffany’s for you, to see what time they open on Black Friday so you can plan your green-saving diamond spree. “We’ve never had any type of sale. We wouldn’t be having any type of sale on Black Friday,” they curtly told us. Damn. What about Kwiat? “No we don’t have that in our policy,” a slightly kindlier sales rep replied. Sigh. Where can a girl get herself some discount ice? Zales, it turns out. You’ll wait outside the store at 7:45 a.m. with a pack of gem-loving women and dog-housed men and, when the doors open at 8:00, you’ll fight tooth and nail to get your well-deserved rocks. Wear spike heels so, in the not-entirely unlikely event you find yourself at the bottom of a hog pile, you’ll have a weapon at the ready.

Zales Jewelers, 417 Fifth Avenue.