Google’s Barrel Roll Trick Proves That We Are All Very Stupid And Easy To Impress

015 guy in barrel poor Googles Barrel Roll Trick Proves That We Are All Very Stupid And Easy To ImpressOkay, so, we know this is the big topic of the day and the elephant in the tech journalism room, but it needs to be discussed: this whole Google Barrel Roll thing. Let’s just get this out of the way.

You haven’t heard? Okay:

Type the words “do a barrel roll” into Google. Your screen turns around. Whee.

Have you played Star Fox 64? It’s a reference to Star Fox 64. It was a good game.

Now do it again.
Re-load the page, and do it again.
Have you done it again yet? Great. Do it again.
Do it again right now, hurry.
Do it a few more times.

Have you puked yet? No? That’s too bad, we were hoping you might’ve puked. That’s the only thing that might happen if you keep doing it.


Google ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ Is One Of The Coolest Thing Google Has Ever Done” – The Huffington Post.

Yes, the court of public opinion has weighed this very important issue, and we are in fact amused by incredibly stupid things.

You get the internet you deserve, people. And seriously: we hope you puked.


  1. Lol says:

    you’re just jealous that your page doesn’t roll.

  2. isomorphisms says:

    Are there browser restrictions or something? I’m using Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04 and it doesn’t work.

  3. It must have been a slow day for journalists. And the great thing is, I can’t even imagine that anyone (okay, barring *perhaps* the aviators) thought this joke was that funny. It was a niche joke, and cute for sure. But to think that the vast majority of the journalists reporting on it understood the joke without having to look it up? Not so much. Once they found out: “OMG GOOGLE IS SO GREAT!” ~ Johnny Why-Am-I-Reporting-On-This

  4. Apotheo says:

    For days I was wondering why my screen rotated seemingly randomly (thanks to google search auto complete, simply typing ‘do’ causes your browser window to roll). It was driving me crazy. Effing google easter eggs.