Governor Cuomo Thinks We Really Like Him and His Party

During an appearance on Fred Dicker’s radio show, “Live from the State Capitol,” New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo told Mr. Dicker he thought results of elections around the state were a “big victory” for his party and showed New York voters rejecting the G.OP. He also said his favorable poll numbers prove New Yorkers are “proud” of their government Read More


  1. Allison says:

    I. don’t. like. him. At all!

  2. Really Cuomo?? says:

    He’s drunk with power. Republicans kept control of the Nassau legislature, may yet end the Democrats super-majority in Westchester, and won a special state assembly election in Erie County. If anything it was a mixed bag for both parties last night.

  3. Reality-based educator says:

    Andrew Cuomo, dubbed “Governor 1%” by Occupy Albany, now sounds like the Sun King:


    He’s riding high in the polls and clearly as somebody said below, drunk with power.

    Let’s see where he is in a couple of years, especially if this European sovereign debt crisis continues to spread, the markets tank and the state budget deficit balloons like Cuomo’s ego.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “I am the government!” Can he get any more arrogant?  And news flash governor just because your party won more elections than republicans: I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!!!  AND I AM CERTAINLY NOT PROUD OF NYS GOVERNMENT!!  I THINK YOU’VE BEEN DRINKING TOO MUCH OF SANDRA LEE’S KOOL AID!!!!