Ground Zero to Become One Giant Mall

We always kind of knew this intuitively, but The Architect’s Newspaper did a really nice job of putting World Trade Center retail into perspective.

After the MTA makes their firm selection, three major shopping centers will be connected via underground transit hubs and pedestrian passageways. The Westfield Group is in the midst of planning 365,000 square feet of World Trade Center (WTC) retail, and Brookfield is revamping 200,000 square feet at the World Financial Center. On completion, commuters will be able to shop and eat indoors all the way from Broadway to the Hudson River. A grand total of 635,000 square feet does not include 90,000 planned for the pending Two World Trade.

That’s about half the size of the Chrysler Building, or about 25 percent larger than the Time Warner Center.

Maybe this is the real reason people have not been showing up to the new 9/11 Memorial—Century 21 can no longer sate their shopping desires. Wallets speak louder than words.

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  1. JBinBrooklyn says:

    Hello? What do you think existed at the site prior to 9/11/01? An absolutely massive and quite well-stocked Borders bookstore, a World of Science, a Gap (or was it a Banana Republic?), and lots of other retail chain stores that do and do not still exist. Don’t know if it added up to quite the same square footage as what is now being proposed, but there was definitely more retail at the old WTC than at, say, Grand Central.  A lost opportunity for something better, perhaps, but also a return to a nearly forgotten pre-9/11 normal for the site.

    1. DTNYC says:

      The old retail space at the WTC was among the most profitable malls in the entire country and it will be so again.   Westfield managed it before and they will do a spectacular job in creating a great new shopping experience not just for downtown but for all of NYC.

  2. DTNYC says:

    Please stop making such idiotic statements that people are not showing up to the 9/11 Memorial!  They had half a million visitors in just 2 months!  That is a huge number by any any measure.   People need to make reservations and they are free so people very casually make them and then don’t show.  Unfortunately, many others are unable to get in because available tix have been “reserved”.  The Memorial foundation is working on this problem but to make it appear that people are not as interested as expected is a gross journalistic failure on your part.  Shame on you.