In Which It Is Affirmed That JFK Is No Place for a Cat

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We thought we’d closed the book on Jack the Cat when the feline, lost during a mishap in American Airlines baggage handling, was found after two months and rushed to a vet. The story seemed set for a Disney ending. But sadly, malnutrition and dehydration wore Jack down, and he has died despite intensive care. “Jack has gone over the rainbow bridge,” writes the administrator of the Facebook group that publicized news about the lost cat.

Outpourings of sympathy on the Facebook page that galvanized a movement of FoJs (Friends of Jack) 24,000-strong; more than 2,700 weighed in to express their sympathy with Jack’s owner or rage at American Airlines.

American Airlines also made a social media update.

Unfortunately, Jack the cat had to be euthanized by the veterinarian today. We are deeply saddened that Jack the cat has passed away, and we offer profound sympathy to Jack’s owner, Karen Pascoe, for her loss. Our heart also goes out to the Friends of Jack and those in the cat-loving community who have grown fond of Jack since he went missing. We understand that a cat is a beloved family member for so many, including our own employees.

From all of us at American, our sincere apologies to Karen and Jack’s family and friends. We also thank all of you who have provided support, ideas, kindness and understanding for Jack along the way.


  1. Yeah, everybody thought Jack was recovering, but the toll on his body was too much.  The lack of nourishment weakened him to the point that he couldn’t fight off the infections caused by the multiple wounds he suffered during his ordeal.  Any further efforts would have caused him more pain.  Many thousands of human hearts were shattered by the loss of this precious, brave cat who stayed alive on heart and will.  

  2. Alex23 says:

    Nobody want  AA`s profound  sympathy! Jack is death because of them!!!  And they don`t have the decency to assume responsibility for their mistakes! Shame AA

  3. Boobookitty54 says:

    The thing is AA supposely placed food and water out for him; why would a cat be malnurished and dehydrated if this were true.  Please help us stop the treatment of animals as cargo.  A beloved pet has persished due to nelect and carelessness by AA.  The truth will be revealed about AA, what they did and did not do.  How they permit their “regular” posters to harass customers who have complaints and questions about AA responsibilities and mismanagement of the whole situation