Inbox Heroes: Back and Forth With Tom of Dom & Tom

tom tancredi Inbox Heroes: Back and Forth With Tom of Dom & Tom

Mr. Tancredi.

Tom Tancredi is the cofounder of DOM & TOM INC., a digital studio based in New York City, focusing on web and mobile development serving clients such as Hearst Digital Media, Scholastic Books and Feel free to reach Tom at

I run my life on email. The first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to bed is check my email. Thanks to filters, prioritized mail recognition, and other new features that cropped up in the last year or so, I actually read “good emails.” You know, the stuff that you want to read and not the “40 percent at Macy’s” junk mail that someone, somewhere on the digital world, sold to a mass-marketing agency.
But even after all the best filters and practices, I’m still wading through a lot of stuff. Here’s a few tips that I’ve found works best.

Subject lines are crucial. I get over 150 emails a day. Multiple that over a year, and it comes out to tens of thousands of email [about 54,000 —ed]. In order to find an email about a particular project, we made it a process that people write the client, the project name and (if possible), the date, in the subject line. Emails with subjects like “on second thought…” or “here’s that update” are lost in the void of back-and-forth.

Pay for the email upgrades. In the back-and-forth with clients, they’ll send, re-send, re-re-send versions of the same files over again. Raw photos, footage, etc will EAT your storage capacity immediately, making it impossible to receive/send emails. Upping your storage costs next-to-nothing ($20 – $50 for additional 20GBs) and it’ll make for easy access to important docs.

Emails are no replacement for in-person or on-the-phone discussions. I love the opportunity to take the time to write out a lengthy email, itemizing all the points and subjects. And sometimes that’s necessary. But nothing replaces the real-time “back and forth” with clients that you get with in-person meetings or conference calls. No one wants to read a 30-page email thread. No. One.

For Inbox Heroes, Betabeat is curious about your war stories, productivity tips and moments of extraordinary email. Send us an email to tips et betabeat daught com with “war on email” in the subject line and a paragraph or two (or more!) about how you deal with your influx of electronic letters.


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