Jock-Themed #OccupyWallStreet Parody Tumblr Takes on a Good Cause (That Isn’t Occupy Wall Street)

tumblr lucyijhnnb1r4cih1o1 1280 Jock Themed #OccupyWallStreet Parody Tumblr Takes on a Good Cause (That Isnt Occupy Wall Street)

Yes, Occupy Herbstreit really is that good. And apparently, good guys, too.

Plenty of Occupy Wall Street-inspired sites have popped up since people started organizing as The 99% in New York and then cities around the country. Some have featured slightly lighter content and inspired more admiration (Pets of Awwcupy Wall Street, Occupy Sesame Street, etc) than others (Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street, for example, and the controversy that surrounded it).
Now, one of these sites—which, like the others, has taken on a fan-following of its own—is using the platform they created out of all of this for a good cause.


One of the slightly more niche O.W.S.-related parody sites is a Tumblr called Occupy Herbstreit, a reference to ESPN’s College Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit, who inspires college kids to get up really early in the morning, get incredibly drunk, and stand behind him and the College Gameday crew while they get impressively drunk before noon and try to get their phallic college-football associated imagery in a background shot.

The Tumblr is pretty great; it’s a collection of protest photography intermingled with college football references, and it’s a wonderfully smart treat for sports fans, and maybe even the occasional Occupy Wall Street protester who went to a Big 10 or SEC school, assuming they even exist. They’ve amassed a decent following, and have been written about around the sports world, from ESPN to Deadspin, and whatever’s in between.

Well, now the guys are using their platform to help promote another cause in light of the allegations of sexual misconduct that have forced beloved Penn State football coach Joe Paterno’s early resignation:

Tomorrow we are announcing that we would like all of our fans to consider donating to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network in light of the recent events at Penn State. We are trying to stay out of the accusation and blame game, but focus the attention towards fighting the horror of sexual abuse.

The guys have created a donation page that they’ll be announcing officially on their blog tomorrow, and wrote in an email to Betabeat that they’re “hoping this can be our legacy as this project winds down.”

Now, really, Drake, is Tumblr all that bad? Rarely has a parody Tumblr resulted in anything more than a book deal; it’s nice to see one that knows it won’t be anything more than what it is—a silly parody Tumblr, if not a smart one—aspire, if only for a moment, to be just a little more.