LAByrinth Theater Company: Ninth Annual Gala Benefit Photos

Rest In Peace

There is something admirable about actors, going to a benefit gala, for a theater. At least you know they really have the cause at heart.

This melting pot of actors, do-gooders and those who only sought to find refuge from Zuccotti Park, was safely tucked away in the confines of The LAByrinth Theater last night, for their ninth annual gala benefit.   The crowds gathered, to welcome such maestros as; Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Yul Vazquez and British actor, Christian Cooke.

It may seem a little heartless to have been sipping champagne, while the poor guys in tents had their Library snatched from them, (I’m sure there will be a Zuccotti Park Library Benefit in the not too distant future), but this was also for a good cause, much to the delight of philanthropist, Chris Rock.


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