Last Week in Betabeat: Dave Tisch, The Verge and Groupon Goes Public

catwalkr purple3 Last Week in Betabeat: Dave Tisch, The Verge and Groupon Goes PublicDidn’t have time this week to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights, as chosen by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Tisch Out of Water: David Tisch Navigates Startupland and Comes Out a TechStar

Overcoming the hurdles of privilege with the New York tech world’s new crown prince.

REQUIRED VIEWING: The Pitch, Episode 4: Markover–Growing a Young Startup

We sifted through hundreds of eager startups to find some of New York’s top prospects to pitch Lerer Ventures. Watch Ben Lerer and Jordan Cooper talk about them after they’ve left the room.

SUGGESTED READING: The Verge: How the Engadgeteers Broke Free of Aol and Built the Site They’d Been Dreaming Of

“I wanted to build the perfect tech site.”


Betabeat Exclusive: The Groupon Investment Flow Chart!

Rumors & Acquisitions: Fake Twitter Edition

Jason Goldberg Is Not Hiding His Devs


Startup News: Fitocracy Goes Freemium, SNAP Hires a CFO, And Tonight’s NYTM Will Be Collegiate


Tumblr Gave Danah Boyd’s Tumblr to a Social Media Marketing Agency (April 27, 2011)

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