LoCreep, ‘The LoJack for Creeps’, Launches Out of the HackNY Hackathon Into a Real, Live Startup

locreep LoCreep, The LoJack for Creeps, Launches Out of the HackNY Hackathon Into a Real, Live Startup

It's coming for you, creepers.

It looks like LoCreep, an app Betabeat first told you about back in October, has creeped its way into official startup status. After presenting at New York Tech Meetup last week with a similarly amusing shtick to one they used at hackNY’s hackathon, Xconomy reports that team members Andres Campanella and Misha Ponizil are even contemplating the possibility of funding—once they get a business plan together, of course.

The app, which took home 3rd prize at the hackathon, aims to help women from unwanted advances by giving them the tools to identify—and mock!—creepers. Ladies have the option of giving out a LoCreep phone number instead of their own. Voicemails or texts sent to that number are saved for review—and potential sharing with friends or on Tumblr. Not to worry, creepers, the callers names are removed and the number is unavailable to a user’s friends to avoid libel issues. But you can check if  a potential suitor’s number has been tagged in the system.

Mr. Ponizil told Xconomy:

“We don’t want to make people look stupid. Everything is anonymous.”

Guess that’s why they nixed the printable QR code you could slap on creepers’ backs.