Long Island Development Called "Significant"

A mixed-use development project for downtown Hempstead, Long Island, was officially deemed a “Project of Regional Significance,” by the Long Island Regional Planning Council, it was announced yesterday.

The redevelopment is a Public-Private Partnership between Renaissance Downtowns-Urban America (RDUA) and the Village of Hempstead set to rise around the Long Island Railroad station and the town’s bus depot.

Renaissance Downtown was recently named the developer in what is slated to be a $2 billion project.

“Not just about rebuilding a block [but] re-imagining what was once the true downtown hub of Nassau County,” said Brandon Palanker, vice president at Renaissance.

The designation will help garner seed funding and state funding for the project, said Mr. Palanker.

The project claims it will add 3,500 permanent jobs to the area, which has become blighted in recent years, and 10,000 during construction.

Mr. Palanker said the job creation numbers have generated high-level interest in helping to fund the project.

The project will also add much needed housing. “Long Island is terribly underserved in rentals, so the rental component is tremendous,” said Mr. Palanker.

The project hopes to attract retail, commercial, cultural and housing tenants. It is expected to take ten years to build.


  1. Dch428 says:

    Good news for Hempstead Village. The first thing people notice when entering the village is the run down condition of the downtown area. A total rebuild not an overhall is needed, then and only then will new respectfull business and tenants move in. The village of Hempstead police do a great job with the resources they have but will need to do even more so people will feel safe about coming back to hempstead. Will the Village ever be the HUB again, who knows but they are moving in the right direction. Good luck !!!