MapMyRUN: ‘Traffic Did Compromise the App Experience’

Betabeat just got a response from a representative for MapMyRUN, the app created for the New York City Marathon. Users were disappointed when the app, which cost $3, failed to track runners as promised. The app now has a one-star review in both the App Store and Android Market. As we suspected, MapMyRUN wasn’t adequately prepared for the amount of activity on the day of the race.

“Apparently the cell and telecom traffic combined with overloaded servers during the early race hours did compromise the app experience,” Nikki Stroud, a spokesperson for the app maker, MapMyFitness, wrote in an email.

“For the later part of the race the app was functioning properly. I do know MapMyRUN is reaching out to those customers who complained about the experience via customer service channels though to try to remedy the situation.”