Mayor Bloomberg Says He Kept Press Out of Zuccotti Park For Their Own Good

The Observer stayed up all night watching the NYPD’s raid on Zuccotti Park and witnessed several instances of credentialed reporters being barred from getting within viewing distance of the scene as the protesters were evicted. According to Mayor Bloomberg, police kept reporters from getting close to the park to keep them safe. Read More


  1. Ian MacAllen says:

    Yes, he’s providing protection — protecting his ego from the criticism of a free press. 

  2. Fred Hazlett says:

    This is not the America that thousands have died for.  This is deplorable.  It is yet another sad day to be an American. 

  3. Chris Malone says:

    say we were to buy that bull, whats the excuse for barring CBS’s news chopper from filming the scene below?  Its not as if the OWS protesters were going to get out their surface to air missile launchers and bring it down…

  4. Aron Blue says:

    oh, emperor bloomberg.  how would we survive without your wisdom to guide us?

  5. Jdgrego1 says:

    Protect the members of the press, does this mean no more war correspondants? What a rational-lie…