Mike Arrington Reports Ebay Will Acquire Hunch for $80 M.

After raising just shy of $20 million in venture funding, Hunch will now reportedly be purchased by Ebay for $80 million. Ebay will use Hunch to power its recommendations. Hunch cofounder Chris Dixon will take over the 50-person recommendations team and start a new office in New York that is expected to quadruple in size.

A big company like Ebay putting down such a¬†sizable¬†office in New York would be great news for Silicon Alley. The purchase prices seems like a modest win for the company’s investors.


  1. Lon says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Lots of up-and-coming companies – like Ranker.com or Kevin Rose’s new Oink app – are playing around with the “taste graph,” which is probably going to be crucial as sites like eBay and Amazon do battle with Facebook for social data.