Morning Links: Ryan Gosling With Puppies Edition

Why, that’s Ryan Gosling hanging out in City Hall Park, near the Public Art Fund’s Sol LeWitt sculpture retrospective! With puppies! And Hugh Jackman! And is that a baby cheetah? [Public Art Fund]

An art historian has discovered a tiny devil inside a Giotto fresco in a Roman basilica. According to The Washington Post, no one had previously spotted the satantic figure. [The Washington Post]

Spotted horses depicted in cave paintings were once real creatures, according to DNA study. [The Times of India]

In so many words, The Times deems Performa “okay thus far.”[NYT]

NPR goes all NPR on Crystal Bridges: “A visit to the museum is out of the question for Ernest David, who works at a Wal-Mart-owned Sam’s Club in St. Louis, Mo. ‘I have no interest in a museum because it might be full of lies,’ [he] says.” [NPR]

Christie’s makes moves to actively target the younger generation in Dubai. [FT]

The Art Newspaper sounds off on “the collection that Walmart built.” [The Art Newspaper]

A preview of MoMA’s exhibition of Saul Bass’s classic film posters. [NY Daily News]