Neon Nicki Minaj Performs At Victoria Secret Fashion Show (Video)

Nicki Minaj takes over Victoria Secret (via YouTube)

Earlier this month Victoria Secret held its fashion show at the Lexington Avenue Armory. Oh sure, there were the bejeweled bras and angel wings that one has come to expect from seeing Heidi Klum-cum-Miranda Kerr-inspired 18-year-olds with ungodly long legs, but did you know that there was also Nicki Minaj performing her new single “SuperBass”? Or that some of the angels dressed up like Julie Brown on acid to stalk down the runway during the song?

We’re unsure if this is actually a new line Victoria Secret is developing in light-up lingerie, but if so, please put us down for some of those electric filament bras and one stuffed dog toy necklace in DayGlo green.