Net Neutrality Lives to Fight Another Day

The Democrats defeated the Republicans in a strict party line vote, meaning our government won’t throw away the rules put in place by the FCC to protect “net neutrality”, which are set to go into effect Nov. 20.

Advocates of internet freedom didn’t love the new rules cooked up by the FCC, but keeping them was the lesser of two evils.

“Though the FCC’s rules are not great, they do offer some protections for net neutrality on the wired Internet and overturning them would have been a huge setback for free speech on the web. During debate on the Senate floor yesterday supporters of the resolution railed against government regulation while opponents defended the rules saying they were necessary to maintain the openness and innovation that has allowed the Internet to thrive,” the ACLU wrote on its blog.



  1. Stuart says:

    Great point. If they’re information screive providers, there is a provision of the Act that could still protect them from liability thought (47 USC 230). But worth looking into at points, including (some have argued) on copyright infringement.