Noblesse Oblivious! Journalists Complain About Having Jobs

A St. Petersburg Times reporter named Emily Nipp has launched a Tumblr in the style of “We Are The 99%” called “We Are Journalists,” Poynter reports.

She writes:

“We are journalists. We are proud of what we do. We are tired of bad press about the press. We are trying to be ‘team players.’ We are terrified of more layoffs and paycuts. We would like to produce quality work without ‘obamasux99’ posting some non-sequitur rant at the end of it. We complain because we want things to be better. We would like some respect, plz. (Ed.: Not with that orthography!) We are journalists.”

Technically speaking, most journalists are also the 99%, (except the really good ones like Anderson Cooper). But this blog is less about wealth inequality and more about being busy, getting to meet celebrities, having a poor diet, dealing with rude commenters, and having suffered through an unpaid internship.




Noblesse Oblivious! Journalists Complain About Having Jobs