Nonshocker: Tech Behemoths So Embarrassed of How Diversity-Lacking They Are, They Want To Cover It Up

Would it surprise you to learn that some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley and technology at large are disproportionately caucasion? What about so diversity lacking it makes your average investment bank look like a Sesame Street? What about so goddamn white they’re working to cover it up? Well then! Do we have news for you: Read More


  1. Cinco Fone says:

    What left wing garbage. White and asians have higher IQs on average, hence they are more represented in IT where intelligence is important. And asians, having the highest average IQ, makes them the most overrepresented.

    There’s no racism going on at these tech companies, just people being judged based on their individual talents.

  2. I often wish I would have moved to Silicon Valley right after college, because I would be such an anomaly there. I’m an anomaly here too, but I’m sure being a minority woman enterprise architect could have gotten me someĀ interestingĀ conversations.