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      I WILL

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    Jobs was right on this one. 
    Corporate matching is only reasonable to the extent that Apple increases its ability to attract and retain high quality employees. Otherwise, Apple is giving money away that belongs to its shareholders (who may then, in fact, decide to donate it to charity).  

  2. We believe that some positive changes would be made by cook, but not all the right decision would be taken in favour of the apple like the jobs has done. But cook is also on the right path with the decision of charitable matching program. As this is the path to build the more effective relationship. So not all eager to see what cook will do some extra ordinary than jobs. Or it is the question that would cook done as great as jobs has?

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    Well I don’t know everything but I can say that the in place of steve job handling would be really so tough and even more difficult too. The legend is always alive.