Nude Ai Weiwei Twitter Campaign Going Like Gangbusters

Last week, everyone’s favorite Chinese dissident artist faced yet another hurdle when the photographer for Ai Weiwei’s One Tiger, Eight Breasts (seen here) was investigated by authorities over charges that the picture is pornographic.

Over the weekend, supporters of the artist began to Tweet nude photos of themselves to his @aiww feed (one of the better efforts, by artist He Yunchang, can be seen to the left), which has quickly filled up with a rather daunting number of blurry nude shots. Reuters estimates that at least 70 people have sent in photos.

Past supporters have thrown money over Mr. Ai’s fence to help him with his tax evasion case, but that’s an effort limited by geography. There’s no telling how many blurry nude shots this new effort could yield! If blurry nude shots are your thing, you hit the jackpot today, my friend.