Occupy Wall Street Celebrates Halloween the Only Way They Know How [Slideshow]

Not exactly related, yet appropriate.

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A rich witch? (Photos via Matt Stopera)

Last night was technically Halloween, and though most of us hung up our costumes this weekend after our raging Saturday parties, the annual Village Halloween parade provided a more weather-appropriate outlet for large groups to coordinate their “Thriller” routines en masse. This of course, applied to Occupy Wall Street, which applied for (and got!) a space during the parade.

Here was the group’s official press release:

Occupy Halloween will feature an array of activist art and performances including the Radical Cheerleaders, masked performers, live musician, dancers, a plethora of giant puppets and an army of Working Class Super-Heroes battling Wall Street Super-Villians including “The Outsourcer”, “The Pink Slip”, and “The Budget Axe”. Other puppets include a giant Lady Liberty who will fight the Evil Wall Street Bull and his minions of corporate vampires until the Chinese dragon-inspired Brooklyn Bridge swoops in to defeat the Evil forces and Liberty is restored to the huddled masses.

Though our blocked view on 6th avenue didn’t allow us to see these Occupiers in action, we did manage to piece together some of their performances.

Also in attendance? The “Sexy Stewie Float” from WPIX that made us very happy.

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