Occupy Wall Street Diaspora Day, 12PM Update: Torahs Destroyed, Violence Against Media, a Court Order of Victory

As the diaspora of Occupy Wall Street continues to rage on in the wake of the protest’s late-night eviction from Zuccotti Park, new developments continue to emerge by the moment, both regarding last night’s police action and this morning’s protest action, as the group continues to shuttle around Lower Manhattan attempting to regroup and re-occupy.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that the Occupy Wall Street protesters were given a court order signed by a Manhattan judge allowing them to return to Zuccotti Park. Police are reportedly not allowing the protesters access to the park, still. The New York Observer has obtained a copy of the court order; it’s right here:

The Observer‘s Ben Popper notes the tension on the barricade as protesters try to move in on the park:


  • The Washington Post spoke this morning with one Michael Glazer, an Occupy Wall Street protester who told them that—in addition to the thousands of books—a Torah was also destroyed in the cleaning out of the protest.
  • During the raid on Zuccotti last night, journalists were completely denied access to the park; NY1’s Lindsey Christ told the New York Times that she saw a New York Post reporter thrown “in a choke-hold.” An NPR freelancer was also briefly detained by police.
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