Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan March on Cuomo For Millionaire’s Tax

governor cuomo milli Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan March on Cuomo For Millionaires Tax

Governor Cuomo (Getty)

Occupy Wall Street protesters plan to march from Zuccotti Park to Governor Cuomo’s office in midtown to protest his opposition to the so-called “Millionaire’s Tax,” but the Governor won’t be on hand for the protest.

According to flyers being distributed in the park, protesters plan to begin marching toward Governor Cuomo’s office on 41st Street at 11 a.m. Governor Cuomo is schedule to be in Albany today.

“Governor Cuomo has passed a budget with devastating cuts to 99% of the population, including cuts to our schools, health care, housing, jobs, and services for youth and the elderly. At the same time, Cuomo wants to cut taxes for the millionaires who are part of the 1%,” the flyer reads.

The tax, which affects residents who make over $200,000 per year, is set to expire Dec. 31. Polls show 72% of New Yorkers are in favor of the tax, but Governor Cuomo has remained steadfastly opposed to an extension.

He may miss the Occupy Wall Street march, but Governor Cuomo won’t be able to escape pro-”Millionaire’s Tax” protesters in upstate. Occupy Albany demonstrators, whose camp near Governor Cuomo’s upstate office in the State Capitol building has been nicknamed “Cuomoville,” have made extending the “millionaire’s tax”  the main focus of their protest.