Occupy Wall Street to March to Obama’s Sheraton Fundraiser Tonight

134296906 Occupy Wall Street to March to Obamas Sheraton Fundraiser Tonight

Protests planned against Obama tonight (via Getty)

We’ve been alerted by a tipster that Occupy Wall Street protesters (who still exist, even if their movement has become decentralized) will be gathering at Bryant Park at 6:00 p.m. tonight to march to the Sheraton where President Barack Obama is holding a fundraising dinner.

Though it’s not being promoted by the OWS press team like today’s earlier protests, the tipster told us that the protesters will be leading the march to the midtown Sheraton, where the president is holding a fundraising dinner for his reelection. Tickets start at $1,000 and go to $35,800.

As WNYC notes, this is the first time Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have targeted a specific presidential candidate in NYC to protest. OWS disrupted one of Obama’s speeches in New Hampshire earlier this month, however.


  1. Hansphill says:

    This is sweet. Protestors, all of whom voted for Obama alongside with Obama supporters who cannot legally vote due to prior phelony convictions, dancin and a-singin on the fundraiser. Movin the homeless tents and the parasites right close to ya Barrakie. Shame I can’t be there, I have to GO TO WORK. SORRY… I WANT TO GO TO WORK. The 99%? Get a job and don’t say your protesting for those who pay taxes. Keep losing, OCCUPY!