Your Daily Occupy Wall Street Primer: A 24-Hour Drum Circle at Mayor Bloomberg’s Mansion, No RSVP Necessary!

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225px wall street 1 Your Daily Occupy Wall Street Primer: A 24 Hour Drum Circle at Mayor Bloombergs Mansion, No RSVP Necessary!

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(Though not intended to be all-inclusive, this page will be updated as events occur. Have a suggestion? Leave it in the comments!)
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Update, Day 64: Newt Gingrich continues to call Occupiers names. A 24-hour drum circle begins outside Mayor Bloomberg’s mansion, while in Oakland, police manage to clear Occupiers out of their camps “without incident.”

Update, Day 63: The second marriage in Zuccotti Park…and it’s a gay wedding! A video of police using spray on  University of California’s demonstrators enrages protesters around the nation.

Update, Day 62: Newt Gingich says that there is no such thing as the 99%. OWS’ new hero, retired police captain Ray Lewis charged, let out of jail, and put back in Zuccotti Park. The American Library Association condemns the destruction of the People’s Library, photos of graphic police violence against resisting protester Brandon Watts are released, and Mayor Bloomberg’s media team freaks out at media; everyone else.

Update, Day 61: Day of Action for OWS. Starts crazy, gets crazier. Over 300 arrested, including retired police caption Ray Lewis and N+1′s Keith Gessen, and council members Jumaane Williams and Melissa Mark Viverito. Four NYPD officers injured. Brooklyn Bridge retaken by protesters, Verizon Building is illuminated by 99% message, Mayor Bloomberg stresses “minimal disruption” to the city despite all evidence to the contrary.

Update, Day 60: The aftershocks from the Monday morning raid are being felt all over. The New York Press Club demands an investigation of NYPD over arrested journalists. A former Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, joins with the protesters. Everyone begins gearing up for Wednesday’s “Day of Action,” which marks the two-month anniversary of the protests.

Update, Day 59: An early morning raid of Zuccotti Park by police in riot gear catches everyone by surprise. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is beaten and arrested. Journalists (even accredited ones) aren’t allowed near the site (for their own protection!) as police tear down the tents and destroy the People’s Library (containing over 5,000 books). The National Lawyer’s Guild serves a restraining order to the police and the mayor to stay away from Zuccotti; it is ignored. There are marches, protests, arrests, and Michael Bloomberg holds a press conference explaining that this was his decision, not Brookfield Properties (which owns the park). This is undermined by the fact that Brookfield Properties served up notices (via the police) during the raid. And the thank you card they sent Mayor Bloomberg afterward. It’s really a mess. Eventually protesters are let back into the park, sans tents and sleeping bags.

Update, Day 58: Free flu shots in the park incite outrage. Ironically, these are the same people who complain about Zuccotti being a hotbed of disease. OWS and General Assembly create a new Statement of Autonomy, which is very confusing but basically reiterates that no Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless, non-political movement.

Update, Day 57: OWS’ first wedding in Zuccotti Park! And it’s a Muslim ceremony!And the couple has only known each other for a month after meeting at the protest! Both sets of parents are (probably) thrilled. Former NYPD officer Kevin Hiltunen drags protester out of Congressman Bob Turner‘s swearing-in session in the Bronx for being disruptive. It later turns out Mr. Hiltunen has a history of bothering congressmen himself.

Update, Day 56: Jay-Z‘s Rocawear website no longer selling Occupy Wall Street t-shirts. Maybe they couldn’t get the copyright? 19 protesters arrested at Salt Lake OWS camp for refusing to remove their tents.

Update, Day 55: Occupy Your Block is created to help people start a movement from the comfort of their own neighborhood. OWS targets HarperCollins, which is really going to hurt the chances of selling their book idea. Herman Cain believes Occupy Wall Street is a pro-Obama conspiracy. In other insane news, Occupy Denver elects a border collie as its leader.

Update, Day 54: Another day, another protest at Sotheby’s for the locked-out union workers. This one leads to eight arrests. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman talks Occupy Wall Street. Joan Baez pays a visit to Zuccotti.

Update, Day 53: Zuccotti Park has its generators returned. The bull statue on Wall Street gets taunted by some clowns, who are then arrested. Mayor Bloomberg seems to be coming around on the protesters.

Update, Day 52: Time magazine panel for “Person of the Year” is split between Steve Jobs and an Arab Spring/OWS cover. A newly-appointed “Spokes Council” now works in conjunction with the G.A., handling the “day to day” business of the park…indoors. David Crosby and Graham Nash hold a concert for OWS.

Update, Day 51: Occupy Wall Street starts The Street Vendors Project, whereby people can donate money to the food vendors near Zuccotti Park, who will then donate food to the park’s residents. Danny “Lotion Man” Cline removed from park by police after harassing/hugging residents. City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and State Senator Adriano Espaillat lead protesters on an 11-mile trek through NYC.

Update, Day 50: New York Post’s Candice M. Giove spends a whole night down at Zuccotti Park, poses for sexy picture outside a tent, then talks about “the very real threat” of getting raped while down there. Gawker points out that while the sexual assaults are not to be taken lightly, Ms. Giove’s story feeds into the fear-mongering crime angle the Post has been playing up lately in their front-page editorials.

Update, Day 49:  Former New York Governor David Paterson warns public not to underestimate power of OWS movement during a Real Time with Bill Maher segment. The Dark Knight is seen down on Wall Street. An all-female tent is erected.

Update, Day 48The New York Post starts their front-page condemnation of Occupy Wall Street, including a video on their website titled “Deranged homeless man goes on violent rampage in Zuccotti Park.”

Update, Day 47: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke jumps aboard the OWS-sympathy train. Stephen Colbert used a different tactic and tries to become the leader of OWS in a two-part special…which probably helps the movement more than Bernanke’s support. The rest of the country learns what those spirit fingers mean, and how to make a “point of order” in General Assembly.

Update, Day 46: Barricades removed from area around Milk Street Cafe when Chief Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson and New York Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver stop by for lunch. (Speaker Silver had petitioned Mayor Bloomberg for the removal of the barricades, along with a complaint about the noise in Zuccotti Park.) None of the employees are hired back. 26-year-old OWS kitchen worker Tonye Iketubosin is arrested after two women come forward saying that the Crowns Heights resident raped one of them and molested the other inside the newly-erected tents in Zuccotti.

Update, Day 45:  Protesters marched to Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s home only to find out that he’s not at home. Again. Marc Epstein of the Milk Street Cafe on Wall Street says that he’s been forced to lay off almost 25% of his employees, due to  the barricades in the area making it harder for customers to eat at his establishment. There is some debate over who should own the “Occupy Wall Street” trademark.

Update, Day 44:  Speaker of the House John Boehner says he “understands” and identifies with Occupiers frustrations. He then compares movement to Vietnam and Civil Rights protests…but only in terms of how “out of control” those demonstrations were. In other news, OWS takes part in New York’s annual Village Halloween parade.

Update, Day 43:  Police crackdowns begin at the Occupations in Austin and Oregon. The police in Denver start using rubber bullets on its protesters. Pat Buchanan predicts protests will end “very, very badly.

Update, Day 42:  A blizzard hits Occupy Wall Street, protesters dance in the snow to keep their feet warm. Bike generators are used to replace the gas generators taken by the FDNY, while lawyers write the city on #OWS’ behalf to petition for their return.

Update, Day 41, 10:40 a.m.: The NYPD and FDNY have removed all the protestors generators from Zuccotti. The protestors are calling it theft whilst the Majors office said in a tweet: “It’s illegal to store/use generators & fuel if it threatens public safety, so FDNY informed protestors that those items must be removed”.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast has done some digging and found how Goldman Sachs has taken back a measly $5,000 donation from a community bank, due to its involvement with OWS.

Damien Ma, Chinese analyst at The Atlantic, has written an interesting piece on the swathes of Chinese who are sympathetic to OWS.

Update, Day 40, 2:06 p.m.: Occupy Wall Street New York announces it plans to take on the health insurance industry by marching from Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield’s headquarters near Zuccotti Park to St. Vincent’s hospital. Banksy donates a sculpture to Occupy London.

Update, Day 39, 11:48 a.m.: Occupied Wall Street Journal launches a website. Police clash with protesters in Oakland. Brooklyn pol Vito Lopez leads an Occupy-themed march over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Update, Day 38: Tents at Zuccotti.

Update, Day 37: America was charmed by the kid piles during Parents Weekend at Zuccotti Park.

Update, Day 35: Protesters marched in Harlem this morning in an Occupy Wall Street-fueled demonstration against the N.Y.P.D.’s stop-and-frisk policy; Cornel West and as many as 30 were arrested, according to tweets from the ground. The protesters at Zuccotti Park continue to debate whether to change the government structure to allow working groups and caucuses to meet and make budgetary decisions without involving the entire General Assembly.

Update, Day 34: Residents of the financial district met for the Community Board 1 meeting at 250 Broadway to pass a resolution–the “good neighbor policy”–aimed at addressing the tensions between Occupy Wall Street and the neighborhood. Residents were most concerned about noise from drums, police barricades, and the defecation and urination of protesters in the area, in that order, but most attendees were supportive of the occupation. The protesters have established a Community Relations group which answers phone calls from residents at all hours.

Update, Day 31, 9:26 a.m.: Occupy Wall Street sends out a media advisory: “Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month at Liberty Square; Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum.” Woman who was pepper-sprayed will meet with prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office today; calls for transferring money from big banks to credit unions start to ramp up. encourages protesters to find an executive pen pal.

Update, Day 29: A small afternoon run on Citibank ends in arrests; various media estimate crowds at Times Square at 6,000 to 20,000. Protesters regroup at Washington Square Park and decided to leave peacefully before the park closed at midnight.

Update, Day 28, 11:12 a.m.: Bloomberg called off the troops that were planning on kicking everyone out of Zuccotti today for a cleaning of the park. Hooray! Unfortunately, there was still mayhem involving the cops and the protesters, including at least 14 arrests, several beat-downs, and one instance of a police officer running over someone with his scooter. Occupy Wall Street is calling today a “victory,” and are inviting parents to bring their kids down to the park tonight. They are also planning for a big Times Square Occupation Party this Saturday. (“Note, this is not a political party, but rather a “party” in the festive sense of the word.”)

Update, Day 26th, 5:37 p.m.: Al Gore has tweeted out his support. He also blogged about it. Not that we didn’t know where he stood before.

Update, Day 26th, 3:38 p.m.: Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls is purportedly playing a show in Zuccotti Park at 4:30 today.

Update, Day 24, 11:00 p.m.: Kanye West made a surprise visit to Zuccotti Park, which caused people to lose their shit…literally…on the doors of NYPD cruisers. Meanwhile, there’s been some debate over the legality of projecting images onto the sides of buildings, which ended, in typical Anarchist fashion, in a movie screening tonight.

Update, Day 23, 6:14 p.m.: The New York Times weighs in with a pro-protest Sunday editorial. The words “LAST CHANCE” appeared in skywriting; protesters speculated it had something to do with them, but it was in fact an unrelated act of art staged by Kim Beck. The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek turned up at Zuccotti Park to address the demonstration.

Update, Day 23, 4:31 p.m.: The second issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal leads with Naomi Klein. Washington Square Park was occupied for a short time on Saturday. But then Anti-Flag came and played an acoustic set in Zuccotti Park so everyone moved back there. Yom Kippur services on Friday night were a success, and Ben & Jerry’s officially support the movement. Free ice cream? Maybe!

Update, Day 22, 6:05 p.m.: If you can’t afford to go to New York’s hottest synagogues, there are free services in Zuccotti Park tonight. No tickets necessary. Twitter says it’s not blocking #OccupyWallStreet, and we take stock of the post-Megamarch atmosphere. (There is a lot more media now.)

Update, Day 21, 10:57 p.m.: Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo both weigh on in Occupy Wall Street…finally. President Obama said that those responsible for the crash weren’t breaking the law. So maybe…time for new laws? put up footage from yesterday’s rally in Foley Square, and announce that at least twenty people were arrested last night. But perhaps most importantly…Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl was marching last night! ZOMG!

Update, Day 20, 12:41 a.m.: Well, that went well.Thousands of  union workers and student protesters rallied in Foley Square to march to Zuccotti Park. Most people made it away unmaced… Keith Olbermann read the first collective statement of Occupy Wall Street on air. Elliot Spitzer was also on CurrentTV, asking President Obama to tell the NYPD to tone it down. Judging from the aftermath of tonight’s Megamarch, it was too late.

Update, Day 19: 12:47 p.m.: Getting ready for the big student walkout and the NY unions joining in solidarity for the big 3:00 protest and 4:30 march. CNN business anchor Alison  Kosik writes mean things on her Twitter about the protesters, then deletes it. And then continues being mean.

Update, Day 19 12:35 p.m.: We snagged an interview with Jesse LaGreca, the well-spoken activist whose outtakes from an interview with Fox News went viral. Is he the smartest man on Wall Street?

Update, Day 18, 11:35 p.m.: Jeff Mangum—the lead singer of the now-defunct cult indie band Neutral Milk Hotel, who recently went on a small, very, very rare tour—stopped by Zuccotti Park tonight to play a few songs. Pitchfork captured the video from the Occupy Wall Street live stream. A few people who once resisted the allure of Occupy Wall Street may now be giving, just a little, for just this moment. To be fair, Jeff Mangum is not Thom Yorke. But it is still, objectively, fairly cool. In an especially bizarre turn, local blog Young Manhattanite presciently called this on September 30th.

Update, Day 18, 6:15 p.m.: The NYPD has erected one of their watchtowers over Zuccotti Park, lending a slightly Orwellian air to the proceedings that they may have lacked before. Also, further legitimacy. That, too.

Update, Day 18, 5:51 p.m.: A civil rights group has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in Saturday, Oct. 2’s march.

Update, Day 18, 3:12 p.m.: We have updated our media/key players coverage section. Check it out! There is also a  rally with DC 37 workers at City Hall from 4-6 tonight, so hurry over!

    Update, Day 18, 11:24 a.m.: Professor Rick Wolff, founder of Rethinking Marxism, will be holding an Economic Update at 5:30. But come early, so you’ll have a seat (and airport) for the Internet Working Group at 5 p.m.
    Update, Day 17 8:30 p.m.: Earlier today, protester Faith Laugier spoke on the steps of City Hall about her experience being arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday. Referring to whether or not the NYPD gave warnings to people who chose to walk in the automobile traffic lanes instead of the pedestrian walkway, she said “We were not ever told we can’t walk in that direction.”
    Update, Day 17 5:50 p.m.: Protesters are marching in tight formation, almost a single file line, due to N.Y.P.D. barricades on Wall Street and Nassau. Police vans are out on Williams and Wall Street and the subway stations on either side of the march are blocked with tape. Reports The Observer’s Drew Grant, “Oh, there are all sorts of police vans here now.”
    Update, Day 17 3:30 p.m.: Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary and 9/11 firefighters are down at the protest with the “Wall Street zombies” today.

Update, Day 17 12:30 p.m.: Members of have donated more than $8,500 in “solidarity pizzas,” the community announced.

    Update, Day 17, 9:00 a.m.: Unrest amongst the Occupy Wall Street organizers? That would seem to be the case (and the cause) with the Radiohead hoax, the responsibility for which has been claimed by someone on the inside going by the name J. Erin Stubbie, who was apparently fed up with “the vaguely tyrannical ‘Arts and Culture committee'” of Assembly. Yikes. This individual also likes to play the media off each other, as they sent their note to both the Village Voice and Gothamist, threatening the Voice that if they didn’t reprint the letter in its entirety, their competitor would. As if the media wasn’t having a hard enough time figuring out what was going on inside the organizational structure of the protest: now there are Arts and Culture committee defectors?
    Update, Day 16, 7:19 p.m.:Reverend Billy from the Church of Life After Shopping/Earthalujah is here (in McDonald’s across from Liberty Plaza). Just yelled “I’ll see you in People’s Republic!” The New York Post is down at rally, positioning protesters for photos and asking a subject to take off his hardhat for a picture. Comedian Lee Camp is also down at protests, about to do a quick set. McDonald’s is now the green zone: a place where cops and protesters stand in line and wait their turn like equals, not enemies. McDonald’s manager says they have been “very nice” and accommodating to Occupy Wall Street activists. Definitely preferred hangout to Burger King.
    Update, Day 16, 1:14p.m.: There’s a nice breakfast spread on #occupwallstreet, day 16. There’s talk of a march later today, though it’s not on General Assembly’s agenda. On the agenda is a 6pm Open Discussion on the 15M movement in Spain and a 7pm General Assembly. Oh, and spotted in the crowd: Geraldo Rivera!

Update, Day 15, 2:49 a.m.: has presented its first official press release, including a list of demands, in a document titled “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.


Since protesters took up residence in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street on September 17, “Occupy Wall Street” has snowballed from a small gathering to a national movement covered by all the major news networks. “America’s financial structure is broken! No more corporate bailouts! We are the 99 percent!” goes the rallying cry of a group that has not issued a list of demands but appears to have touched a dissatisfied nerve in the populace. Michael Moore showed up. The NYPD has been crucified due to its gratuitous use of pepper-spray. Radiohead almost played a concert. Or not really.

What do these protesters want? What or who is in charge? Can you compare Occupy Wall Street to the protests in Egypt and Libya, or is this the fun-house mirror image of America’s own Tea Party? Here, a regularly updated guide to the little protest movement that just might….


What is Occupy Wall Street? A movement that began in a July edition of Canadian magazine Adbusters. Here is the original message:

adbusters blog occupywallst Your Daily Occupy Wall Street Primer: A 24 Hour Drum Circle at Mayor Bloombergs Mansion, No RSVP Necessary!

Other groups have since joined in (see: “Key Organizers and Affiliated Groups” below), though the official website OccupyWallStreet.Org claims the movement is “not affiliated with Adbusters, anonymous or any other organization.”

Livestream video of Occupy Wall Street

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

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  1. Dgfnfin says:

    After an apoloigy, wall street, congress, big banks, fannie and freddy should all contribute to a stimulus program that rembuses all American’s for their losses, due to their negligence of their failed scam on Americans. Then they!,  can start over from that reduced position of funds. Then all connected  to useing of real people to enrich the allready rich should be fixed, chop chop! Waiting for a biggest percentage of poor people to die, and or go broke, and loose all they have, so they will be ready to work for the least wages, is not a good plan for me. Profits should be shared with all and all should move forward.

  2. This is a great movement, glad to see people out there doing it. Wish I could join in physically…..will have to support them netwise.

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Sam says:

    Wall street will always have the best government money can buy. Voters can elect them, but the true master is Wall street

  5. Rmnunez says:

    I get the impression US media is downplaying the protest, I’ve been reading about this for at least three weeks in Spanish periodicals (El Mundo and El Pais) and just yesterday found the NYT (which is right there) reporting 400 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge when 8 hours earlier, all the way from Madrid (across the Atlantic) El Mundo said over 700 were ‘busted’ and a racuous melee whuch had “a sea of police” using orange nets to ensnare marchers.

    The US media invariably highlights the moronic ‘limousine liberals’ (Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon) as emblematic of an ill-defined group of ambiguous goals from beheading Bernaeke to abolishing the Fed, running the gamut from advocacy for a Tobin tax to nationalizing banks. There are all sorts of radicals and fringe elements, people worried about global warming, military interventionism or access to academic scholarships.

    There is a serious problem the media should not belittle; sustained nearly (if not above) 10% unemployment and no prospect for growth is worrying many. So far the solutions have focused on supporting financial institutions which are perceived as responsible for the problem in the first place.

  6. Anny says:

    I wish to apologize to the young people on this forum.  As a parent I
    had to send you to university because we were told that would make you
    more employable.  Unfortunately, we have realized too late that it isn’t
    education, it’s brainwashing.  If you really want to know who is
    stealing your lunch it is those very same profs that are telling you
    about the evils of capitalism.    It isn’t the military industrial
    complex that is now stealing the worlds’ money, it is the government NGO
    charity axis.  Did you know the EU gave about 32 million euros to
    Christian Aid last year?  Did you know that David Cameron’s father in
    law is heavily invested in wind farms and that Nick Clegg’s wife is into
    solar?  How many billions of dollars does the UN suck in every year? 
    Did you know these people are unelected, unaccountable, don’t pay taxes
    and have diplomatic immunity?  Same for the EU bunch.  Wake up and smell
    the Free Trade Columbian.

  7. I’d like to voice that I’m surprised to see the Observer granting OccupyWallSt such astounding coverage. I also applaud you for doing what no other media outlet in New York is doing and speaking out with us against the tyranny and corruption of the Wall St bankers. I will continue to return to this page daily and hope to see more updates on the events taking place in Zuccotti Park. I hope that more media outlets will follow suit and give this the attention it deserves and needs. Senator Bernie Sanders understands what we’re doing, and why. Hopefully others can come to the same realization. Still, our goals may be far off from happening. I hope you at The Observer stick with us through the week, and possibly months that this movement will continue.

  8. lauraforde says:

    The foreboding skywriting spelling out the words “Last Chance” over downtown this afternoon is not related to the protests, it is part of a project called “The Sky Is the Limit/NYC,” by Pittsburgh artist Kim Beck.

  9. Diknballz says:

    after the party will they be heading back to Wall St. ?

  10. Untitled says:

    All I can do is laugh at this. This is a literally disgusting protest. Good luck changing anything; the only thing derived from this is MOCKERY. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Heck of a lot of walking and nothing to show for it …… any day now …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Yeshua says:

    For those who are motivated to clean up Wall Street, Home Depot has a great sale on brooms, mops and buckets.  Feeling super motivated? Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore?  Express your frustration by scraping gum off the sidewalk with a Husky 3 in. stiff paint scraper, only $7.97 on cyber monday!

  13. disgusted says:

    Kosik is sleeping with Greg Kelly of Fox 5.