Occupy Wall Street's Pepper Spray Romance Just Got a Little Bit Shady

Kaylee Dedrick and Robert Grodt (via NYDN)

Remember the beautiful story of love amongst the protesters? When Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna used his pepper spray on the young Kaylee Dedrick, her savior came in the form of a young man from Santa Cruz named Robert Grodt, who dragged Ms. Dedrick to safety and washed her face in a utility closet. The two claimed to have been inseparable ever since the September 24th attack. So why did Mr. Grodt talk to the Wall Street Journal about all the women he was banging exactly one month later?

From an October 24th piece titled “At Zuccotti Park, Love Under the Tarps“:

Robert Grodt did not expect to find romance when he left his girlfriend in Santa Cruz to join the demonstration. But Grodt, 24, has met — and shared sleeping bags with — several women.

“It’s a natural human thing,” Grodt said. “It’s part of our support structure. It’s nice to have someone to care about. It’s nice to have someone to hug and kiss.”

Several women? Several women, Mr. Grodt?? You’d better hope Ms. Dedrick, who has a history of litigious anger, does not decide to take you to court herself…or just pepper spray your stupid free love “support structure” right in the face.