OWS Protesters Plan Anti-Walmart Events Ahead of Crystal Bridges Opening

1321888082 e1320970062206 OWS Protesters Plan Anti Walmart Events Ahead of Crystal Bridges Opening

A protester at Occupy Wall Street.

Alice Walton’s Crystal Bridges museum is set to open tomorrow and protesters at Occupy Wall Street’s Zuccotti Park, and elsewhere, plan to hold anti-Walmart rallies to mark the occasion.

Walmart is a notoriously terrible employer when it comes to wages and benefits, and the protests seem designed to remind the American public how one of the country’s richest women made her billions.

From the press release:

“Workers negatively impacted by Walmart’s recent decision to increase healthcare costs for employees will hold educational events across the country at the Occupy Wall Street encampments in multiple cities putting a face on the Walton family as the “1%” of wealthy Americans making decisions that negatively affect the rest of us. Walton Family members continue to own nearly a majority of Walmart and serve on Walmart’s board of directors. The events will coincide with the grand opening of Crystal Bridges, a $1.4 billion art museum funded by the Walton Family Foundation and Walmart Charities.”

Now we suddenly understand why they put the museum in the middle of nowhere! Occupy Bentonville, Arkansas, will never take off.


  1. Middle of nowhere? Maybe to an elitist snob from New York… but Bentonville, and all of Northwest Arkansas is the hub to major commerce in this country… not only do we have the headquarters for Walmart (largest private employer in the world), but there is also Tyson Foods (largest meat and poultry producer in the world), JB Hunt Trucking (second largest trucking company in North America), and over 1,300 vendors have Corporate Offices here to work with these companies.

    And before you go off on a tear about me being an Arkansas ‘local-yokel,’ I was born in St. Albans Naval Hospital in Queens, and grew up in the “Sixth Borough” of Boca Raton, FL. So before you decide to post something you thinks sounds snarky and cute, dig down into that almost-vacant vat of journalistic integrity and do your research.

  2. Willyboy says:

    Mr. Dan Duray…. You really need to be aware that pretty much every major city – Yes, Bentonville counts as such – in the USA has some version of the Occupy movement. Some with just a few full time Occupiers ( with larger numbers on the weekend), but the heart and soul is everywhere. So before you start with your snotty, dismissive attitude, check your facts, OK?

    And no, I do not live in Bentonville or in Arkansas. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, where our dedicated group has been going strong for coming up on two months now. We are all in this together, Dan, your words serve only to segment and demoralize folks. Reign it in a bit.