Paul Ceglia Alleges Mark Zuckerberg Deleted Harvard Emails

paul ceglia 225x300 Paul Ceglia Alleges Mark Zuckerberg Deleted Harvard Emails

Show me them emails, Zucky.

Paul Ceglia’s fifth or sixth new legal counsel, depending on who’s counting, has a new tactic.

In papers filed in a federal court in Buffalo yesterday, Mr. Ceglia alleges that Mark Zuckerberg deleted emails pertinent to the case from his Harvard University after the judge issued a “litigation hold.”

Followers of the legal hijinks will remember that Mr. Ceglia’s version of those emails were cut-and-pasted in a Word Doc, which seems a little antiquated, even for 2003 and 2004.

Facebook’s crafty lawyer Orin Snyder’s, who makes sport of maligning Mr. Ceglia and his attorneys, emailed Businessweek to say:

“These filings by Ceglia and his latest lawyer are truly delusional. These are the desperate acts of a man whose fraudulent lawsuit has now been fully exposed.”

That may be, but Betabeat would pay good money to see Zuck’s Harvard-era emails. If they’re anything like his IMs, it should make for an interesting read.