Paul Ceglia Must Return From Ireland If He Wants to Continue Suing Facebook

ceglia Paul Ceglia Must Return From Ireland If He Wants to Continue Suing Facebook

Mr. Ceglia.

Paul Ceglia, the mysterious upstate New Yorker suing Facebook, escaped to his childhood hometown in Ireland back in August. But now a judge is ordering him to come back and finish what he started. It’s been more than 18 months since Mr. Ceglia first alleged his claim for half of the social network, based on contract work done by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. Now a judge is saying Mr. Ceglia is withholding electronic evidence and must come back to the U.S. to conduct a search for a few flash drives Facebook says will prove Mr. Ceglia forged documents.

Reuters is ON THE CASE:

But Ceglia’s latest lawyer — who joined the case about two weeks ago, after four other firms resigned over the last year — told me in a long interview Wednesday evening that he and Ceglia have turned the tables on Facebook and Gibson Dunn. In the face of sanctions motions by Facebook, California solo Dean Boland filed retorts accusing Facebook and Gibson Dunn of tampering with the original contract between Ceglia and Zuckerberg, who did some coding work for Ceglia before founding Facebook; and with Zuckerberg’s Harvard email account.

Mr. Ceglia’s legal team going on the offense looks like a Hail Mary pass, she insinuates, especially considering he’s been dumped by at least four law firms.

Mr. Ceglia is happy to return from Ireland, his lawyer told Reuters.


  1. James Shea says:

    Does this now mean that all them stories being published about Ceglia “fleeing” the USA are fabrications? surely if he fled he wouldn’t come back straight away after a judge tells him, if he was “Fleeing” then why is he back in america so quickly.I think these stories of “fleeing were created to make it look like Ceglia was lying so fled to escape being prosecuted, which is just pure fiction,, also about the evidence have you looked at his lawyers blog? it contains very strong evidence and statements from experts that agree Ceglias contract and emails are authentic. here is links check it out yourself…

    1. Young Left says:

      Hey thanks for the links dude, I took a look and this guy Ceglia has a
      good case in my opinion. All I have seen in media is how this guy is a
      con artist and fled to Ireland because he was lying, but after looking
      at his lawyers site, their evidence is pretty strong especially the
      evidence presented by Jerry Grant, untill now i never seen grants
      evidence, which is remarkable because the media should be reporting
      this, this seems like a case of smear the small guy and favour the big
      business like facebook, bias on the part of the media in my opinion,. I