Peep Show! The Yotel Is the New Standard—and Not Because of the Service

Keep your clothes on!

And here we thought the Yotel was just popular because of the robot bag boys.

According to The Journal, the new west side hostel is giving its neighbors at the artists populated Manhattan Plaza quite an eyeful.

“I have a child and one day a male guest was full frontal,” said Dian Chen, an artist, who has lived in Manhattan Plaza since 1978. [snip]

“It’s definitely spoiled our view. We used to see all the way down. Now we see a big black monolith,” said Hugh Barnett, who manages a Broadway theater, of both the Yotel and MiMA rental towers. “Whether people mean to be exhibitionist…” he added, trailing off.

The colorful goings-on at the Yotel—where rooms go for $150 a night—arguably also shows that despite the onslaught of Mickey Mouse mannequins and Holiday Inns, the old spirit of Times Square is alive and well.

Or the new spirit of the Meatpacking District.

The neighbors were not the only ones blushing. Page Six reported back in August that a screening of the Cinema Society, attended by Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan and Hugh Dancy and located on the balcony at the Yotel, enjoyed the company an “amorous” couple showering just three floors above the projector. So book your friends, but maybe keep an eye on the in-laws.

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