Police Use Blockade as Weapon On Occupy Wall Street (Video)

occupationlock Police Use Blockade as Weapon On Occupy Wall Street (Video)

Occupation lock-down

Shocking footage to come out of today’s massive march and Day of Protest from the OWS movement: NYPD officers were using the metal barriers as shields to keep protesters at bay as they tried to stop traffic down on Wall Street this morning.

We are waiting to hear on the full number arrested.



  1. Guest says:

    “This video is private”

    1. obbop says:

      Uhhh…. posted to the Web. Billions of souls can access the video and download it…. and, after all that, I minute mouse squeeks “This video is private”……

      Me thinks “Guest” needs to learn a bit about Webdom and/or engage in some rational logical thinking.

      Atop my pronunciation is a subjective opinion that the video above is akin to a multitude of others ans rather boring conveying nothing noteworthy and of any particular interest except, perhaps, an individual shown within who could, some day, point themselves out to some bored uncaring grand-kids who likely want the old coot to shut up and hand over the birthday or Xmas gift and are eagerly awaiting the old fart to doe so they can inherit the few pennies left to the oldster after the ruling elites and corporate USA have drained the old fart’s wealth as much as possible.

      Good day

      1. obbop is a dong says:

        Sometimes youtube videos are unavailable in some countries and instead display that message. You sound like a total ignorant asshole up front, to be honest. “ME THINKS FFFFUFFFufufufufufffff… herpaderp blah blah” *prolonged fart*

        That’s you.

        Anyway, I agree with your sentiment about the video. This article should be called “police use barricade as barricade.”