Pottermore Delays Opening to New Users for 'Immediate Future'

Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s interactive Harry Potter web site that will also be the exclusive vendor of Harry Potter e-books, will remain in Beta for longer than anticipated and will also go offline for “a few days” starting tomorrow. Pottermore opened for experimentation and feedback for a select 1 million Harry Potter fans starting in late summer and was scheduled to open to the wider public starting in October. The launch of the Pottermore shop was previously postponed until the first half of 2012.

“After looking closely at all the information that we’ve gathered, we have decided to further extend the Beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access,” said an announcement on the Pottermore blog. “This means the site will not be opening to new users in the immediate future, but please know that we will open registration as soon as we can.”

Last month, Charlie Redmayne, formerly chief digital officer at HarperCollins, announced he was leaving the book publisher to become CEO of Pottermore.