Power To the Twits! New York City Slumlord Versus Twitter


Some East Village residents are about to bring the social media pain on Jakobson Properties, the no-fee rental shop that notoriously cuts corners when it comes to building maintenance. EV Grieve noticed these signs around the neighborhood, encouraging tenants to tweet their complaints about piles of trash, leaky roofs, lack of hot water, power outages and so on to @Jakobson_fix_it, ideally with a photo.

“Since I know that most tenants are unhappy and that these conditions probably apply to other buildings as well, I figured it’d be good to start tracking these things, hoping for some improvements,” the tenant behind the Twitter account told EV Grieve.

So far, @Jakobson_fix_it is just getting off the ground. “Heat is nonexistent!” tweeted one resident.

And there’s a Tumblr, too, with even more sob stories about the landlord. Mice! Rats! Throwing out the recycling! “Email us your story at jakobsonfixit@gmail to remain anonymous and we’ll post it on tumblr and twitter w/o names,” the Tumblr says.

Jakobson Properties, which goes by @NOFEERENTALSNYC on Twitter, has not acknowledged the campaign.

Power To the Twits! New York City Slumlord Versus Twitter