Prudential Elliman Broker Marion Hedges in Critical Condition

marion hedges e1320159172508 Prudential Elliman Broker Marion Hedges in Critical Condition

Marion Hedges

Philanthropist and Prudential Elliman real estate broker Marion Hedges is in critical condition after a vicious prank by two Harlem teens, the Post reports. Ms. Hedges was buying Halloween candy at Target when the pair pushed a shopping cart off a four story ledge, knocking Ms. Hedges to the ground as her young son screamed.

A doctor who happened to be passing by gave Ms. Hedges CPR for a full minute before she became responsive. Rushed to the hospital, Ms. Hedges is currently in a medically induced coma.

Two twelve-year-old suspects, Jeovanni Rosario and Raymond Hernandez, were apprehended and reportedly showed little remorse. “The pint-sized perps were smiling, telling jokes and laughing with each other after they were taken into custody,” according to the Post. Earlier in the afternoon the kids had been dumping Slushees off the railing and onto the walkway below.

According to her Prudential Elliman bio, Ms. Hedges is a native of Manhattan and attended Spence in her early days before graduating from Barnard College. Her “Closed Transactions” page lists several Upper East Side addresses, primarily two and three bedroom properties.


  1. Jen says:

    The entire blame will be on society for not giving these 2 pricks the death penalty if the woman dies. If she lives, then at least multiple life sentences. All this to teach the thug culture ( and no it is not a black or white thing but a macho BS thing ) there is no free ride for trying to kill someone decent in America. But I doubt if the Democrat Killing Machine, members and its power brokers would allow justice to happen!Really sad sad state of affair.God bless this poor woman.

    1. Jadetiger Design says:

      You’re a prick. This has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican politics. It has to do with a woman being critically injured by two 12 year olds.

      Get your head out of your ass.

      1. Elfic says:

        You can make your point without using ugly language.

      2. Anonymous says:


      3. Elfic says:

        Your language speaks for itself! What a fine lady you must be…

      4. Gail says:

        Jade it does have large political ramifications.  Liberals need to start to care more for the children than they do for the idea that they are cool liberals.
          It is not cool to have kids you cannot properly care for or inbue with strong social skills.  Personal responsibility means just that. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    When the parents receive the same sentences as their “offspring” than there will start to be accountability.  I don’t care that these “juveniles” had absent fathers, I raised a son by myself and I made the time to unsure that he turned out to be the upstanding person he is now.   I am now blessed to live in a community that values their children and provides them with activities that keep them busy and satisfied.  A community that believes it’s alright if you see a child acting out to tell the parent and expect results from the parent and the child.  A community that teaches the children that for every action there is a reaction which teaches them respect for themselves and others.  No this not a utopia, it is a small northern Californian town that just happens to have figured it out.

  3. Were the two animals black, hispanic or white?  Hard to know from the story, right? Wink, Wink.

    How close are we to South Africa’s plight where blacks kill whites with impunity and no repurcussions?

    1. Blah says:

      You do realize that for most of South Africa’s history, it was whites who overwhelmingly killed and brutalized blacks, imposed Apartheid in a land they invaded with impunity, without repercussions and as a matter of national law? Do you wonder how close America has been to that situation – maybe you’d learn some history and realize that actually that was the situation for most of America’s history. But of course, someone like you would never have a problem with such an environment and that’s why you were able to make such an ignorant comment.

  4. Gail says:

    welfare kids no doubt.  we need to stop telling women it is OK for them to have children they can’t support who will go on to do this sort of horrible crime.  There is a poltical story here: personal repsonsiblity.  I would  love to see a story on the women who are the mother’s to these criminals.

  5. jondoe says:

    First and most importantly, I hope that the woman who was critically injured will make a full and fast recovery. 
    Second: was it really necessary to make mention of the woman’s and the boys’ socio-economic status?  is this going to become an issue of “The rich white woman helps the poor brown/black boys, and look what happens! They turn around and do this to her!!!”  GAG ME.  There are plenty of rich white boys who are just as morally vacant as the two boys in this story.  I would assert that there are MORE children from white, priviliged backgrounds who are void of a moral compass than there are children from communities of color.  This article is rife with subtle suggestions of this tragedy being a symptom of race and socioeconomic status, and it is not.  There are bad apples in every ethnicity, race, nationality, and socioeconomic background. 

    1. ConcernedInNewYork says:

      JONDOE … yes, it is important that the woman make a full recovery.  Fast?  No, it will not be fast and may not be full.
      And I wonder, JonDoe, since you are hell bent on making your own socio-economic points, if you think that Al Sharpton and the rest of those losers would made a federal media case of this if the the boys were white and the women black or hispanic.  They would SCREAM race crime.
      Yet, no one dare utters the words race-crime here.  WHY?  You can spot this woman is white from 3 miles away.
      And btw, doe, it does paint a picture – a rather ironic one – to have details of who the woman is and who her attackers are.  And when white boys commit the crime, they hopefully that will be reported.  But it didn’t happen that way here, so deal with the facts of this case, not a hypothetical one.
      You are misguided by your own agenda.

      1. jondoe says:

        I make mention of the SES issue because the journalist reduces this tragedy to be one of race and SES, which is problematic, as I already stated in my above post.  I did not conjure it up out of thin air, the journalist reduced this tragedy to being an issue of SES, mostly, not me.   
        Re: Sharpton and others like him, Sharpton comes to the aid of minoritized populations and brings public awareness to issues that affect those minoritized populations for good reason.  Why would you fault a person of color for having representation?   I do not fault a Caucasian person for having representation from their groups of choice, nor should I. 
        Honestly, “concerned”, you sound like an individual who dislikes people from communities of color.  I challenge you to challenge your own assumptions about what it is you think you know. 

      2. Thelittlethingnyc says:

        Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and those like them attempt only to excite the black political activists and liberals; they do not and have not made any attempts at logical and/or reasonable integration, equal rights, or, for that matter, equal blame (on, e.g., th white and black cops in that ridiculous Sean bell incident).

        There is not attempt to establish “public awareness”. There is no “good reason”. Were they Caucasian, you (and the media, be they run by the ‘jews’ or ‘fox’) would attempt to tar and feather them for being white supremacist.

        Either way, they are a strong argument for post-birth abortion (as are the two punks mentioned in the article, gw, and a lot of other public figures and/or criminals).

      3. jondoe,

        Why do you hate white people so much?

  6. Michelle, NYC RE Agent says:

    My prayers of well wishes go out to Marion Hedges for a full recovery!!!

    1. Scorpion371 says:

      Our prayers and thoughts for the Hedges family and the families of thoses who stand charged. I have seen much carnage from the ill willed who live among us, and yes they are from everywhere. No matter the status of the victim, nor the race of the culprits, Mrs Hedges represent a kindness that we have not enough of in our society, and those boys too much of what is wrong. May we all see in this story a side of our selves that need fixing, and only you know what that might be. God bless you all.

  7. praying for her and her family.

  8. Rredds says:

    I guess liberal America who think that “guns” kill people, will now be on a rampage to out law ” shopping carts???”

  9. Noah , Brooklyn says:

    You guys at the observer shouldnt be publishing their names ,, they are still minors you idiots,,,, you should be ashamed.#prayformarion

  10. Clausshaus says:

    Let us all pray for Marion’s recovery. This strong beautiful generous woman has devoted her life to helping others and now needs our help and prayers to help her recover so that she can return to her life as a mother, realtor, friend and devoted philanthropist.

  11. This is the result of liberalism, this is why I vote Conservative.  I blame the liberals for this one. Vote for Herman Cain.  Yes we Cain.

  12. guest says:

    Please pray for her

  13. Abetaguard-2u says:

    Jeovanni Rosario and Raymond Hernandez – the two 12-year-old thugs – have basically killed the life of their victim. They should be sentenced to incarceration for as long as it takes her to fully recover – if she ever can.

    Despite being obviously coached on what to say in court, it’s pretty clear that the punks have little or no respect for anyone. They are both a mecance to society. Thank goodness the judge didn’t fall for that BS about either being a ‘good boy’. Good kids don’t try to kill someone or commit mayhem  and joke about it.

  14. JaneQPublic says:

    Typo correction: They are BOTH a MENACE to society.