Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis Alive and Well, Back at Zuccotti

photo21 Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis Alive and Well, Back at Zuccotti

Lewis at Zuccotti on Friday afternoon.

Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis has returned to Zuccotti Park after being arrested yesterday morning during protests for Occupy Wall Street. Mr. Lewis told us police released him from custody last night around 9:00 p.m. and said that he had been treated well.

“I, along with other protesters that I saw, were treated exemplary and professionally,” he said.

We asked if fellow police officers had commented at all on his actions. “One said ‘You’ve got the biggest balls,'” said Mr. Lewis. “Another said he had the utmost respect for what I’m doing.” Other officers were more discreet but Mr. Lewis said he also got a few winks and nods.

Mr. Lewis plans to spend at least another week in New York City and told us he is lodged in “the cheapest hotel that I can find.” He added that cheap hotels unfortunately come with problems.

“I’m going to have Thanksgiving at the square,” he said.


  1. Stefan says:

    Captain Ray Lewis or perhaps Captain America.

  2. Abinyon says:


  3. VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lilladi207 says:

    Mr Lewis you are an American Hero, Thank you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    HE is the kind of guy the #OWS needs to appoint as a short term spokesman. People respect him, for his history, his service, his clarity and his peaceful conviction. We should vote for him to take office in a political position.

  6. Pam Miner says:

    This is a brave man and a good person. I really think he is a hero. This is a big step. I was glad to hear that his fellow cops for the most part, did admire him. 
      Maybe the NYPD will at some point realize they belong on the side of the 99%.

  7. J V Robledo says:

    being agenst these idoits i have to say i have respect for mr louis unlike the others he didnt resest arrest he stood tall and proud for what he belives in. if the others would conduct them like this man they would commend more resspect from us that donot agree  with everything going on

    1. Charlie Barr says:

      Not everyone resisted arrest besides this man.  It seems you only respect him because of the uniform.  It also sounds like you have a very (unrealistic) stereotype of the people there, but that this man’s presence is making it harder to believe in the stereotype.  To keep it together you have to separate him from everyone else (“these idiots”) in your mind, but let me ask you: if he’s so completely different from everyone else there, why is he getting along with them, or standing with them in the first place?

      1. J V Robledo says:

        he actually has a reason to be there. what do the others want? a hand out part of what others built and worked for? look guy i make more then most people why i worked at it i started my business at 16 with 100 bucks i worked for and i worked hard and grew it if they want to protest protest something worth protesting like this ex cop and no i dont have respect for him just because of his uniform honestly i have no respect for any goverment agent

  8. Chuck says:

    Thank you Captain Ray Lewis, for you heroism.