Robert Duffy and Husband Alex Cespedes are Fathers!

Alex Cespedes and Robert Duffy (Photo from Patrick McMullan)

While we heard through the real estate grapevine that the President of Marc Jacobs Robert Duffy and his husband Alex Cespedes had moved out of their townhouse because they needed room for a nursery, The Observer can finally confirm the news. The proud papas have a baby girl, Victoria, who is just three months old. We spoke to Mr. Duffy and Mr. Cespedes about their little bundle of joy last night at the Aid for Aids gala where they were being honored for their dedication to fighting the disease.

“It’s an amazing, amazing, amazing experience,” Mr. Duffy said. “We’ve had her since August,” he said, gushing. The adoption process was drawn out over a year, but the new fathers can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. “We have our final court date Monday,” Mr. Duffy said, explaining that only then would the adoption be finalized.

Mr. Duffy was curious to know how we had heard the news. “Some gay web blog,” he speculated with a laugh. “We’ve been trying to keep it a secret,” he said. “I would deny it to everybody.”

Mr. Cespedes was no less excited to discuss his baby girl. “She’s wonderful,” he said. “And now she started making noises like she’s trying to talk to you. Oh my god,” he said, flashing that new father grin. Victoria isn’t a fussy baby, Mr. Cespedes said. “She’s happy all the time,” he said.

Does baby Victoria wear her daddy’s brand?   Of course. Only Marc Jacobs,” Mr. Cespedes affirmed.


Robert Duffy and Husband Alex Cespedes are Fathers!