Roundup: Pundits Want Obama to Put God Back In Thanksgiving; Gov. Brownback's 'Mean Girls' Moment

Conservative critics were angered President Obama didn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving address.

Staffers for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback sent a high schooler to the principal’s office after she wrote a nasty Tweet about the governor.

From Zuccotti Park, to Oakland and now, Wal-Mart. Pepper spray is the winter’s hot new trend. 

Occupy Wall Street protesters headed to Macy’s for an anti-fur demonstration.

The Obama administration urged the Egyptian military to make a faster transition to democracy and stop using “excessive force” on protesters.

A 31-year-old pastor who ran as a write-in received a surprising amount of votes in the mayoral election in Lackawanna.

Devo, Toots and the Maytals, David Crosby and Michael Moore are among the big names collaborating on an Occupy Wall Street album.