SEC Busts Pre-IPO Facebook and Groupon Hedge Fund Using LinkedIn to Scam The Stupidest People Investing In Tech, Ever

So, you want to get in on some of that Facebook and Groupon action before they hit the public markets, on the secondary market? And oh, what’s that? You’re not an accredited investor, so you can’t get in on the secondary markets? Well, do we have the people for you. Read More


  1. rwarn82 says:

    Great article. Hilarious. Full of fun facts & good sarcasm…I found your link on The New York American: Keep up the good work!

  2. Levisol98 says:

    and people think the market is over regulated.what a joke!

  3.  I would like to comment about the zynga public offering . New issues are almost always bad investments the vast majority of these stocks are way over priced on purpose. I always recommend that investors stay away from these stocks.