Second Avenue Subway Costs an Extra $27 M.—In Personal Injury Lawsuits!

Beware the UES

Beware the UES

In addition to all the problems—construction noise, shaky buildings, shuttered stores—that the Second Avenue Subway is causing the city, one 14-block stretch of Second Avenue between East 87th and East 101st streets might now be costing an additional $2 million per block. In personal injury lawsuits.

And this is just phase one.

As The Post reported this morning, a whopping $27 million worth of suits have been levied against the MTA for damage caused to streets and sidewalks along upper Second Avenue that litigants claim are to blame for injuries that range from trip and falls to car accidents. The individual cases are, of course, unique in both their narrative and merit, but they are joined by the fact that the largest public works project in many years is still running up higher and higher potential costs as its completion date keep being pushed back later and later.

In fact, the project’s first phase, which has incurred all of the recent lawsuits, was originally supposed to be completed in 2014, but is now scheduled to wrap up in 2016.

So, either New Yorkers better tread more carefully or the M.T.A. had better get a good attorney on retainer.


  1. Bruno Dias says:

    There is a huge percentage of cases that are made up stories created by people trying to take advantage of the system and they still get away with it and thousands of dollars.   I do agree there are some issues with uneven sidewalks and lack of warning  signs but there is also a big “not being an honest resident” issue.
    I have personally translated dozens of cases where the plaintiffs are completely fine and claim to be very hurt,  completely destroyed and that their lives will never be the same. After certain hearings they seem completely fine. 

    The title on this topic is totally unfair and I think the person responsible for writing this article should do more research about what I mentioned before, they’ll be surprised by the results.

  2. Simon_Wesley says:


  3. Simon_Wesley18 says:

    That is surprising and breathes taking compensation for the claimant. I cannot blame the consideration of the firm for victim of accident but it may also lead in conspiracy especially to those who wants to dare the risk of drama tragedy. It is easy to claim the compensation especially particularly when the person has a contact inside the compensation firm. He will be a snap millionaire of course. I suggest a wide investigation in every incident before the claimant for assurance of proclamation otherwise, it will be a big lost for the firm.