Shatter Proof! SOM Solves the 1 World Trade Center Pedestal Problem

Naked no more. (Getty)

The Observer is both heartened and saddened by the news that the fine designers at SOM have come up with a solution for the base of 1 World Trade Center. On the one hand, this means the tower will have a nice shiny base after all to make it look not so monolithic when it opens two years hence, the Conde Nasties packing themselves in. On the other hand, it means the Port did not take us up on our brilliant idea to clad the base of the building in a shimmering curtain of steel.

Crain’s got the scoop on what will be going on the base of the tower, and it sounds less delicate—literally; the original scheme kept cracking during fabrication—though no less interesting:

Now, sources said the base will be covered with glass louvers that are set at different angles on the base and lit from behind, creating an inviting atmosphere that would also reflect the nearby memorial honoring the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. The glass is treated so it would pebble instead of shatter in case of an explosion, much like a car windshield does in a severe accident.

With the deal for the Greek church in place, is there anything left to complain about at ground zero?

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