Skillshare Actually Worth Just $5,000 on the Open Market

clone wars Skillshare Actually Worth Just $5,000 on the Open Market
Do you want a Skillshare clone for Christmas? Have one built today! There are 20 bids over at the free programming classifieds site, where an entrepreneur has requested a double of the popular democratized teaching platform. “I need a developer who can clone for me as it is with the functionality. Looking for a good price and skills who can communicate on day to day basis. I am open to use any php frameworks or CMS,” says the Nov. 28 post.

Unlike past ads we’ve seen for clones, programmers seem to be chomping at the bit to build a bizarro Skillshare. “***I Am Abel To do it SIR*** AND HIGHLY INTERESTED,” says one bidder who offered to do it in $25 days for $1,300. “We are very much interested in the project,” said another who offered to do it in 35 days, but for $2,000. The bids range from $5,o00 in 100 days to $450 in 25 days. One user proposed building the site in three days for $480. Seems like a good place to find Skillshare’s next engineer!

Another ad, posted on Odesk on the same day but with slightly different wording, requests a “Skillshare copy” and says it’s originating in Singapore. Singapore Skillshare! We can’t wait to see the $500 version of a fast-growing New York startup that has raised more than $3 million from Founder Collective, SV Angel, Collaborative Fund and others, and just rolled out a majorly spiffed up overhaul.

“It actually doesn’t bother me. I would say we’re flattered more than anything,” CEO Mike Karnjanaprakorn said in an email.

Betabeat has been on the clone/fast follower beat for a while. If you are as tickled by this topic as we are, check out Evite’s ripoff of local startup Paperless Post and further musings on the fast follower phenom.