Soho Hollister Burglarized by Black Friday Mob

Teen retailers Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch promised Black Friday shoppers 101 hot guys with their shirts off, starting at midnight. Instead, the bargain hunters who scraped their tryptophan-wasted bodies off the couch were met with a handful of NYPD officers and a half a block of yellow caution tape.

Around 12:30 this morning, Hollister was burglarized by a crowd of Black Friday shoppers that had grown impatient while waiting in line outside the surf shop-inspired superstore, according to a clique of teenage eyewitnesses assembled outside the American Eagle Outfitters across the street.

NYPD on scene confirmed that the store had been robbed and would not be opening for predawn business, but had no further details about the suspects.

Hollister sales staff and lifeguards were nowhere to be found. The 5th Avenue Abercrombie & Fitch was also closed despite publicizing a midnight opening.


  1. Anonymous says:

    If they had been minorities it would have been looting.  Funny how that works.

    1. Anonymous says:

      In minority neighborhoods, does McDonald’s call the Hamburglar the Hamlooter? 

      1. K P says:

        Not if you’re referring to the Hamburglar that we all know… he’s still a white character. The “Ham-looter” has already been shot by over-zealous police who saw him holding a happy meal toy that looked nothing like a weapon.

  2. Dave L says:

    no idiot, if the store had been open it would have been looting. that’s why it was burglary. they were closed.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wow.  You make up your own imaginary definition of looting, and you’re calling someone else an idiot?  Amazing.

    2. K P says:

      Loot – transitive verb. a : to plunder or sack in war
      ***b : to rob, especially on a large scale and usually by violence or corruption ***
      Soooo… mob violence doesn’t count because they were white kids? What’s really terrifying is the number of likes your misinformed and distorted rationalization of blatant racism has gotten….

  3. Bill Cat says:

    Lifeguards.  In a clothing store.  In Soho.  

  4. Jim Strathmeyer says:

    Lifeguards? No need to explain that!

    1. Kat Stoeffel says:


  5. So, I guess they were lucky: a crowd of folks congregated, starting probably around 10PM, to buy stuff on a buying run through several stores. Instead, the careless, “who gives a f*%$” staff just didn’t bother to show up.  Probably around 1:30 AM, having missed all the other sales, this crowd freaked out.  I’m surprised they didn’t torch the place, considering that mobs are almost blameless. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    100% off is a good deal!

  7. Fusedfj says:

    Actually the website stated that this location was one of the locations that was not opening at midnight. It was stated on the website. No matter what you think, robbing any establishment is unacceptable and need not be defended.

  8. Wendygurl212 says:

    i work there we were open

  9. Jason says:

    Soho Hollister Burglarized by a Pack of Niggers

  10. it happened around 1 and i was there… they left the doors open… get better staff…

  11. K P says:

    “…who scraped their tryptophan-wasted bodies off the couch …”

    Really? We’re still perpetuating that myth? You realize it’s in milk, rice, bananas, and an assortment of other foods as well…? In fact, compared to foods like egg whites and parmesan cheese, turkey contains relatively little tryptophan. The fact is, the reason people go into the traditional thanksgiving “food coma” is that they just eat *TOO MUCH* food. Tryptophan has NOTHING to do with it, it’s an essential amino acid, not a freakin’ tranquilizer.