Spider-Man and Louise Bourgeois’s ‘Spider’ Meet at Christie’s

This morning, it looked like it was going to be a relatively quiet Friday at Gallerist headquarters. But then, at 10:22 a.m., a press release from Christie’s landed in our inbox, announcing that Broadway’s Spider-Man would meet a Louise Bourgeois Spider (1996) outside its Rockefeller Center headquarters at noon for an epic and special photo opportunity. We immediately got angry, but we were also, admittedly, a little bit excited.

We arrived at Christie’s just as Spider-Man actor Craig Henningsen was slipping on his mask. He stood underneath the sculpture (estimated to sell for $4 million-$6 million) in a variety of vigorous poses, flexing his muscles and lowering himself to the ground, ready to prowl quietly across a floor. As a scrum of more than a dozen photographers snapped away, Spidey examined the sculpture closely, waving his hands in front of its body, as if to see if it was alive. It just stood there, though, and after a few minutes the super hero left the scene.