Startup Ballers Get a Chance To Flex Skills at 3-3 Tourney

“Hey man, I’m just coming out of pat meeting,” said Jarett Sims, CEO of BobodidIt Worldwide, when Betabeat reached him this afternoon by phone. What’s a pat meeting, we asked? “Hat meeting, hats. My dad is the voice of the Seattle Mariners. Being the hustler that I am, just cinched him up a hat deal.”

Mr. Sims also has a few mobile apps in play, one currently released and one soon to launch. “The one I have out now is LipMe. You do an impersonation of anyone by cutting out their mouth. Kind of like what Conan O’Brien used to do.”

True to form as a triple threat, Mr. Sims informed us that nearest and dearest to his heart is Chilltopia, a social network he created where kids can congregate and publish their art work and comics.

Next week Mr. Sims will be throwing the first ever 3-3 Startup Basketball tourney, sponsored by SeatGeek. Thursday, Nov 10, the teams will square off. The 16 squad bracket is below. Betabeat is accepting wagers and will draw up the betting lines accordingly.*

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*No we’re not, that’s illegal.