Stuy Town Ice Rink? Neighbors Would Rather Hell Freeze Over [Update]

image640x480 Stuy Town Ice Rink? Neighbors Would Rather Hell Freeze Over [Update]

Bah, humbug!

Residents of Stuy Town have suffered out-of-control rents, over-grown lawns and now the slickest issue yet, a new ice rink. Stuy Townies are chillier on the idea than a divorced couple, according to DNAinfo. The rink is replacing a favorite playscape, so neighbors can barely get their knives out fast enough.

The rink will be up and functioning only during the winter months. Residents will have free access to the rink for a limited number of hours every week, although the exact amount remains unclear. Outside of those designated hours, residents will be asked to pay for rink access. That amount is also yet to be announced. The site will also stay open nightly until 9 p.m., with music playing from loudspeakers until 8 p.m.


“Living next to an ice skating rink …is not the equivalent of living next to a basketball court or children’s playground,” wrote Alvin Doyle, president of the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village tenants association, in a letter to the property manager.

“The qualitative differences are obvious, and your failure to recognize that demonstrates a complete lack of sensitivity for the concerns of the residents of buildings bordering the rink,” Doyle added.

The rink is not open to the public.

Bunch of scrooges.

UPDATE: One Stuy Town resident emailed in to say that there is a lot more to this ice rink than tykes, skates and loudspeakers:

First, the ice skating rink is located 50 feet from hundreds of apartment windows and comes with maintenance, resurfacing and sound system noise that comes a long with a rink. As of last night at 10:30PM, the construction site was active.

Second, if the rink is only open to residents, that wasn’t the case as of Monday. The rink was to be free to tenants 6 hours a week, very early in the morning, and when CW Capital caught wind of the tenants concerns, they CUT they hours to 2 free hours a week out of spite.


  • Stuy Town was caught illegally hosting other commercial activities on the property.
  • One must agree to be photographed and filmed as part of Stuy Town’s ongoing marketing campaign, the REAL reason this rink is being built in the first place.
  • The common areas of the buildings are a MESS as you can see on our Facebook photos so the fact they are spending money on a sales gimmick rather than fixing the buildings is ridiculous.
Here is an example about how these events are free to “residents and their guests”. This event listed on was for “residents and their guests” but a PR person from Stuy Town sent publicity materials to this author, read comment # 7.

THIS is why tenants are upset. These events are NOT for us.

So before starting with the bah hum bug business, please get a sense of the bigger picture of what’s taking place here.

This is harsher than the Romanian judge.

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  1. AW says:

    A few things here. This ice skating rink is feet from the ssurrounding buildings. When tenants spoke up about the rink they cut the free hours from 7 a week to 2. If the rink is NOT open to the public this is news to us!!!

  2. Lois says:

    This guy should have researched his story.  Must be one of Adam’s buddies.  Humbug your butt, Matt.

  3. Guest says:

    Residents are waiting for the DOB to rule on the status of the rink.  In the meantime, as the above poster mentioned, the rink is located within a semi circle of buildings that will amplify any and all mechanical noise or music generated by the sound system.  It’s anticipated that the mechanical equipment will be a significant intrusion into the peace and quiet now enjoyed by residents.  If the rink didn’t cause noise disruption, and was made available to tenants for the same price as the playground it replaced, I doubt anyone would have an objection, but the landlord doesn’t seem to think this will cause any impact on tenants, including those who pay upwards of $4k a month in rent.

  4. Guest says:

    We live right on top of the rink. There has been a loud compressor going non-stop since 3 p.m. yesterday to make the ice. Workers told me this is going to run non-stop until its cold enough for the ice to maintain itself–not anytime soon, since temps are in the 60s.
    It is incredibly noisy throughout our entire apartment, particularly in the bedroom, so we virtually got no sleep last night. And, of course, construction started as usual at 7:15 a.m. 
    I don’t think it’s been a Scrooge to want to sleep through the night, particularly if you are recovering from surgery, as I am.

    1. Guest says:

      Update:  I did get a same-day response to my emails/phone calls to Adam Rose about the compressor noise:
      — Adam Rose emailed a direct answer, apologized for the compressor noise, and directed workers to correct it immediately
      — He also had his assistant call and thank me for bringing the problem to his attention. 

      The compressor is still going, so I’m not sure what this all means, but Rose did respond. We’ll see tonight.

  5. Guest says:

    This rink is a complete show of contempt for the residents who live in adjacent buildings.  Adam Rose couldn’t have shown his contempt more if he had spat in their faces.

  6. Lois says:

    And three police cars came.  And the noise is gone for tonight!  Power to the people.  
    Get your facts straight next time, Matt.  Humbug THIS.

  7. SickOfTheComplainers says:

    My children and their friends are looking forward to skating on the new rink. Since moving to Stuyvesant Town six years ago, one of the only constants we could count on has been the voice of complaints by a very vocal minority. Our wonderful Greenmarket providing fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods and other treats each Sunday was the subject of complaints; our ability to buy coffee within our community – of course,complaints.  Everything that provides a sense of community is railed against. The complainers are the tiresome part of living in Stuyvesant Town – how I wish there was a way to rid our community of them.

    1. SickOfThe Narcisists says:

       Me and my neighbors are not looking forward to the new ice skating rink. I’ve lived here for 9 years and one of the only constants of the past few is the catering to a transient and narcissistic demographic.  A demographic who feels they need every trend the city has to offer brought into our parks which are not zoned for commercial activity. We now have one major portion of the property which offers year-round concerts, green markets, noisy food trucks, all feet from the buildings. How I wish there was a way to rid our neighborhood of narcissists too lazy to experience the real city and instead wish every cupcake, squash, and fro-yo was brought right to their doorstep.

  8. Minji9025 says:

    ok first of all i don’t what your talking about! Stuy Town is an amazing place to love especially for those who are still kids. And having an Ice Rink in stuy town is not a problem at all. Its actually a good thing that there is an Ice Rink in Stuy Town now so people who live in new york and lives far away from Bryant Park or Chelsea Piers or Rockerfeller Center can now have an opprutunity to be able to skate in an ice rink near them. And FYI stuy town has an awesome community and nice neighbors and beautiful nature unlike some other places you could live in Manhattan. Your probably just jealous that you don’t live in Stuy Town or even if you live in Stuy Town and don’t like it there then y dont u just move to a cheaper apartment!

  9. joanf says:

    SORRY – Maybe you will get it when I tell you its like living over  a street fair! You know those dreaded events throughout the city that obstruct the neighborhood and add value ONLY to the vendors who invade. If Rose is so committed to good deed doing let him take his stinking rink and get land in Stuy Cove park or Stuyvesant Park across from the hospital. This is a residential communuity and this monstrosity does not belong outside my window. And the concerts and movies pollute my apartment and every apartment on the Oval perimeter every time they occur. Think about that the next time you’re rocking to another shlocky wedding band!  

    1. DS says:

      joanf, I’m having trouble figuring out if your post is a sarcastic joke – like if you are attempting to write the most stereotypical cranky grumpy lame hermitesque drivel to be funny (and if you are, bravo)…or if you really mean it.  Is it possible that a person could be so negative?!

    2. Hollymcgrath says:

      Ahhh..lighten up!  You big bunch of winers!

      1. Hollymcgrath1 says:

        I mean Whiners!

  10. Minji9025 says:

    ok i now i kno how u feel i live in stuy town and i went to the ice rink today i could see how ur complaining about this but at least the music box broke and they are not fixing it and its not cold at all for the skaters its really fun thats all i have to say

  11. Minji9025 says:

    you will also just have to get used to being a new yorker at least u dont live on 42 street