Tech Bloggers Not Exempt From Startup Siren Song

nytm illo 1024x823 Tech Bloggers Not Exempt From Startup Siren SongThree’s a trend, and AdWeek found five tech reporters who left behind the dour world of journalism for a shot at the startup big time: Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, Saul Hansell of HuffPo/AOL, and MG Siegler among them. “But standout examples aside, not all journalists are the business brainiacs they think they are,” writes AdWeek writer Ki Mae Heussner, who missed Dan Frommer among many others.

But is this pattern of defection different from the broader phenomenon of startup fever? Bankers are defecting from Wall Street, MBAs defecting from accounting; we’ve seen former lawyers, college dropouts, actors, musicians and fashionistas all go the startup route. Why shouldn’t tech bloggers be entitled to do the same?