Tech Bloggers Not Exempt From Startup Siren Song

nytm illo 1024x823 Tech Bloggers Not Exempt From Startup Siren SongThree’s a trend, and AdWeek found five tech reporters who left behind the dour world of journalism for a shot at the startup big time: Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, Saul Hansell of HuffPo/AOL, and MG Siegler among them. “But standout examples aside, not all journalists are the business brainiacs they think they are,” writes AdWeek writer Ki Mae Heussner, who missed Dan Frommer¬†among many others.

But is this pattern of defection different from the broader phenomenon of startup fever? Bankers are defecting from Wall Street, MBAs defecting from accounting; we’ve seen former lawyers, college dropouts, actors, musicians and fashionistas all go the startup route. Why shouldn’t tech bloggers be entitled to do the same?